Anti protest of elected Donald Trump

After President-elect Donald J. Trump, part of a wave of dissent that has swelled, not much can do other political party but to filled a protest of thousands of demonstrators at the public squares, parks and streets in the country’s three largest cities on Saturday.

Most of the crowd were transgender people, the children of immigrants, and parents toting infants on their back. Middle class families, students, and men and women of all ages and races. Many carried cardboard signs “Show the world what the popular vote looks like,” read one, “Putin Won,” said another. They have marched through city streets, emotionally speaker cry of “Not my president!”

Anti-Trump demonstrations hit of the largest numvers, since his election on Tuesday, a mass of people marched from Union Square in Manhattan to Trump Tower, the headquarters and home of Mr. Trump. Protesters marched around one of Mr. Trump’s buildings in Chicago. In Los Angeles, thousands of people marched up Wilshire Boulevard, forming a crowd that stretched for nearly a dozen blocks.

“I’m just doing my part in democracy,” said protestant, who joined the protest with her sister. “I feel that this is a way for me to voice my opinion.”

“I disagree with a lot of Trump’s stances, so I’m just out here practicing my rights,” and only I trust is Hillary Clinton she is my president!.”

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