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Batwoman TV show will begin filming next spring, possibly hinting at a fall 2019 premiere date for the series.

Fortunately, for Batwoman fans, the character will make her live-action appearance ahead of that during a crossover event for The CW’s Arrowverse.

Batwoman first appeared in Detective Comics #233, where she was initially created as a love interest for Batman to counter rumors that Batman was gay. DC Comics did away with Batwoman in 1964, along with the rest of the bat family, and she didn’t appear again until 2006.  That new iteration of Batwoman, though, introduced the world to Kate Kane, a highly trained fighter, a Jewish lesbian with a strong sense of social justice and a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. Although her character was both praised and criticized at the time, she remains one of the most highly rated female superheroes in DC Comics.

Now Batwoman is getting her own TV show on The CW.  Geeks Worldwide reports that filming for the Batwoman TV series will begin next spring. It is likely that this means the show will premiere in fall 2019. It’s still a year away, but The CW plans on introducing the character well before that.  The next big Arrowverse crossover event on the network will introduce both Gotham City and Batwoman.

After The CW announced that Batwoman would appear in the crossover event, the network announced that Batwoman would get her own series, too. Caroline Dries, a former writer and producer for Smallville, will write the script for the show’s pilot episode, with Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter serving as executive producers. The Arrowverse crossover event will serve as a set-up for the character and her subsequent series.

As of yet, there is no word about who will portray Batwoman for the Arrowverse crossover and her solo TV series, but reports suggest that The CW wants to cast an openly gay actress in the role. The Arrowverse already has a good record with strong LGBTQ+ characters, with many in leading roles on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Black Lightning. The fourth season of Supergirl will also introduce the first transgender superhero to television.

With filming on Batwoman not set to begin until early next year, the wait for the TV show is still a long one. Fortunately, The CW will let fans get a good look at the character before that. The network has a good track record with its DC television shows, so fans can rest assured that Batwoman is in good hands.

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