Bomb cyclone hits New York City

According to weather forecast the ‘Bomb cyclone’ hits New York City early on Thursday, and Gov. Cuomo declares state of emergency.

It is the frst winter storm of 2018 deep freeze of wind-whipped snow earlier of Thursday, according to weather sources called mega-hyped “bomb cyclone” delivered as promised, and not happy for some, but Gov. Cuomo is declare a state of emergency for New York City and its suburbs while the region was pounded with snow, ice and savage winds.

“This is not a normal snowstorm,” Cuomo warned at a morning news conference. “It is snow plus very high gusts of wind, and that changes the situation dramatically, Dail News told.

With all of Long Island under a blizzard warning, Cuomo included Nassau and Suffolk Counties in the state of emergency that also covered Westchester County and the five boroughs.

Belichick isn’t letting any ‘bomb cyclone’ get in way of practice

Mayor de Blasio announced a winter weather emergency for the city, We’re seeing a fast accumulation of 1 to 2 inches per hour in the five boroughs.”

Foot of snow might be possible in the city before the precipitation stops Thursday afternoon, and the city Sanitation Department had already dispatched 2,400 plows and spreaders to combat the snow and ice.

Moreover is strong winds and whiteout conditions forced the temporary shutdown of all inbound and departing flights at JFK and LaGuardia Airports, the Port Authority announced before noon.

According to Nick, Fox 5 Channel the Winds is up to 60 mph were forecast for Long Island, with wintry blasts of up to 44 mph possible across New York City.

The mayor’s announce that city schools were expected to re-open Friday, and alternate side of the street parking regulations were suspended for Friday and Saturday.

Planes, trains and automobiles were already struggling to get where they were going in the early hours of the first snowstorm of 2018.

Authorities used drivers to keep cars off the road as snow, ice and high winds buffeted local roadways and mass transit were also bothered by the worsening weather.

The governor said the conditions on the Long Island Expressway were already horrible. “If you have to show up for work, then you do, but it is going to be an ugly, difficult commute, and you should expect that,” said Cuomo. “If it’s a situation where you don’t have to do it today, you don’t have to return your Christmas gifts today, then don’t do it.”

The temperatures were expected to drop precipitously overnight and into the weekend. By Friday evening, the mercury was expected to hit single digits with a wind child value of minus -16 degrees.

At the night of Thursday’s will end the wind, but for this weekend many Orthodox Christians believers according to the original old calendar (Julian) are celebrating Christmas on January 7th. This snow will be perfect gift to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who is believed to be the son of God!.

Happy 2018 Snow and Merry Christmas Orthodox believers!


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