Eleven arrested and attacked Trump’s caravan by protesters in Manhattan

New York, Manhattan — On Sunday, there were Trump hats, American flags Artist and Patriot Scott Lobaido with his crew, and very opposite were ANTIFA, many
people were dressed in all black and fight started, punches thrown with eggs were launched and expletives were yelled, it was scary picture to see front your eyes and brave NYPD made 11th arrests.

Artist-Patriot from Staten Island Scott Lobaido and Heshy Tischler from the Jewish Voice spotted at patriot’s march for Trump’s campaign on Sunday Oct.25.2020, and they held t-shirt “Balkans for Trump”. C.balknpress

The was another big fight in the heart of Times Square between Trump’s supporters and demonstrators protesting the president led to 11 arrests, police said, after a ‚Äúverbal dispute that turned physical.”

Trump Supporters in Manhattan

The incident points to the political tensions boiling over at the final stretch of a particularly divisive campaign season. NYPD reported big number of violent brawls have broken out in recent weeks between groups rallying for or against Trump on city streets around the country.

On October 25th, Manhattan Trump supporters walked on 5th Avenue 

As of last week, New York officials began ensuring that police can be readily deployed in case of such conflicts, The Post reported.

J.B Trump

Joseph Belnome held Joe Biden poster at Times Square, N.Y. during the peaceful march on Sunday October 25th, 2020. c.balknpress


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