Iggy Azalea still most hated popstar

Iggy Azalea become the world most hate Pop Star. Iggy is an Australian rapper, songwriter, and model.

Iggy Azalea apologizes for the 2011 “runaway slavemaster” lyric after being accused of racism. In an open letter, she says the line was a “metaphoric take on an originally literal lyric.” “It was a tacky and careless thing to say and if you are offended, I am sorry,” she wrote. “I don’t hate any race of people, and it pains me to wake up to other young people being misled to believe I do.”

Iggy appears on Sway in the Morning with T.I. When asked if she has butt implants, she replies, “It’s my flesh. It’s my butt.”  However, about her butt, she was spotted in the vacation with her boyfriend at that time, the Lakers Nick Young and paparazzi capture photos of her in a bikini that shows her cellulite. Apparently only 25 years-old to have bid cellulite, it’s not healthy for her self, but she comments on the photos via Twitter and formally announces her hiatus from social media. Downtrodden, she says, “I need to be happy and (social media) is too negative and draining,” adding, “The Internet is the ugliest reflection of man kind there is.”

There are many hating attitudes of the Azalea, when Sway asks her to freestyle, she struggles and delivers a pre-written verse from an existing song. The Internet has a field day with the idea that Iggy can’t freestyle yet calls herself a rapper.

Her twitter is full of her bad behavior, hate and racism. She can’t sing, as the Snoop Dog offend her, in other instagram “cool out lil sis.” with yet another Instagram — to “let it go” before calling her a “bitch”.

Snoop has not only not deleted anything, he laughed everything off by Instagramming that “This is news to me. I wish a bitch would !! Hahahahahahahah.”

The 25-year-old has her bleach blonde and super white skin complexion,  Iggy revealed ‘thought he Nick was an a***hole’ when they first met. ‘Back then I hated all of them the basketball players.’ And now I love all of them. When I figured it out, I think I was already in love with him,’ said.

The Australian native Amethyst Amelia Kelly from Mullumbimby, New South Wales,  those are the most hated people in Australia, why?! Because they earn free taxes by the government, lazy to work, and have had bad attitudes. Yes we all know that, Iggy prove it, that she is the most hated in America with her personality and fake rapper, what is new!  after their engagement party, Iggy will bring Nick home for his first visit to Australia this month.


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