Kenzo SS17 the “beauty of bodies”

As the Paris Fashion Week kick off, Kenzo toke place with live Nude Sculptures at Spring 2017 Runway Show.

“Bodies are historical, families evolve, friends adapt, lovers mutate, said to press.

All the models pause in some particular formation and everyone snaps away. Kenzo’s spring/summer 2017, shown at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, everyone lifted their phones the second they entered the show space.

The Kenzo’s designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon had enlisted real people to pose as sculptures amongst the actual sculptures in the museum hallway that served as the runway. Reminds me of Art history.

These models are dancers, performers, comedians, aerialists, and one midwife! from age from 20 to 58 were casted painted white or green body depends of the visually to look like plaster and held their poses with impressive stillness for the duration of the show.  They were naked.

In a statement, the brand explained, “KENZO wanted to celebrate the beauty of bodies and their innate power through feats of stillness and specific alterations to the human form.

Back to Studio 54 and Le Palace, places were people came together as one, the KENZO team found at Cité de l’Architecture a huge gallery featuring full-scale, monumental reproductions of French sculptural art from the Middle Age to the XIXth century. So the living sculptures were inserted into the museum, as a manner of update: bodies are historical, families evolve, friends adapt, lovers mutate.”

As of artist, the body represent not Nudity, but Art of the body, really is powerful to see real bodies against the rendered-in-marble ones.

Kenzo SS17 PFW/getty image

Kenzo SS17 PFW/getty image

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