New York, September 11 2019 — KidSuper | ASSEMBLY LINE | Recycling: A Runway presents in collaboration with Jagermeister and Singer at Wallplay 25 Kent, Brooklyn, NY.

The ASSEMBLY LINE is a creation in two parts by Colm Dillane, the artist/designer behind KidSuper. The first creation is an installation – anod to the factory assembly line. The interactive experience showcases a new era of authentic sustainable fashion, transparent manufacturing and circular design and highlights the garment worker as an artisan and each visitor as a creator.
Visitors / Creators will “clock in” and cruise through a fantasyfactory to create their own design using available fabrics from a mountain of clothing amassed from garments donated in and around NYC and collected by the KidSuper team over the past month. Artisans (rows of tailors and screen printers in lab coats) stand ready to assist the visitor’s journey as one of a designer, creator, and artist. They depart the experience with a composition of their own creation, inspiring a new generation of creatives to make, donate, and upcycle. 
ASSEMBLY LINE is about inclusion. Anyone can be inspired to create. With ASSEMBLY LINE Colm expresses that exclusionary and wasteful practices need not necessarily be the industry standard.
Since September 2018, Wallplay has facilitated events during New York Fashion Week with emerging designers that promote public access and inclusivity. Wallplay programs & operates vacant storefronts until long term tenants move in. The company aims to transform spaces into community hubs that provide public access to arts programming and temporary rentals. The public can directly apply for spaces that serve the community at

Wallplay is committed to its social impact mission of repurposing vacant spaces for public good. Over the course of a given year at least 50% occupancy of the spaces that Wallplay operates are dedicated to creative programming focused on social impact, innovation & art that engages with the public in a direct and tangible way. The other 50%, comprised of culturally relevant commercial pop-ups, event rentals and sponsorships, help subsidize the cost for community powered programming.
Presenting sponsor Jägermeister has been an active supporter of KidSuper since his first art show in 2018.  Jägermeister continues to champion Colm’s career and fully supports those who celebrate the same spirit of the brand. Jägermeister, KidSuper and his exhibition aims to bring people together throughout the week to celebrate new experiences, culminating into a cannot-miss event on September 11th. Special performances and surprise guests will include Odalys, Lolo Zouai and more.
Singer ( donated all of the sewing machines used for ASSEMBLY LINE. All machines will be donated to local community centers after the event.                                                           
KidSuper at NYFW
KidSuper’s newest collection, RECYCLING: A RUNWAY SHOW is born of the installation and is constructed solely from the fabrics amassed for the fantasyfactory.
As the industry collectively moves towards a more conscious approach of making clothes, KidSuper explores the possibility of taking it one step further. The 41 look collection was created entirely through the ASSEMBLY LINE project and made in the factory by the participating artisans. This style of creation minimized waste, trash and the carbon footprint as all was manufactured and displayed on-site. An illustration that it is possible to create new without making more, resonating with the consumer definition of genuine sustainability and contributing to the fight against climate change.
The collection of one of a kind pieces will be sold exclusively at


KidSuper at NYFW

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