Mason Plumlee lead to victory the Nets vs. Sacramento Kings

Terrible loss over Indiana Pacers last Saturday, but that doesn’t stop Brooklyn Nets to pick up some winning. Brook Lopez and Deron Williams came off the bench, and Mason Plumlee shine as a star.

Mason Plumlee and Jarrett Jack shined brightly for Brooklyn. Plumlee led the way with 22 points, four rebounds and three steals on 10-of-16 shooting from the free throw line. Joe Johnson also had a solid night, finishing with 16 points and six rebounds.

The final score of 107-99, made great in the second quarter to the victory. Plumlee is aggressive and focused to winning, as long he has more minutes to play.

Plumlee is a Duke product he make great success in aspect to Nets victory. With the Nets shot 45% from the field and stole the ball 12 times, 39 free throws compared to 20 attempts for the Kings, an upper hand that led the Nets to a 27-16 scoring advantage.

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