New Virus called Zika

Zika is known to cause temporary symptoms of fever, joint pain, rashes, and headaches for up to a week in its carriers, but the disease was declared an international public health emergency.

According to Joel Ernst, M.D. immunology at NYU Langone Medical Center, person in the United States can be infected by Zika through sexual contact or blood transfusion.

Usually person-to-person transmission through sexual contact is concerned.

What most of the precautions should be taken concern is to use condoms and to be aware. If pregnancy occurs after sexual contact with an exposed or infected person, the most important thing to do would be to tell a physician or health care provider that this is a pregnancy with someone who went to a Zika-endemic country. They should be able to give you a blood test.

So far nobody knows how long Zika virus potentially transmittable for,
source by the M.D. could be lifelong. During couple of months the next few months how long a person can be affected and for how long it can be spread to another person, the sources working on it.

Zika virus had appeared in South America, but the magnitude was only recognized months ago, and the association with microcephaly was in December. It takes time to generate that information. There are people working actively to find these answers, but so far it’s not safe.

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