We all wondering what is meaning words of this artist by TONES AND I “Dance Monkey”. 

This song (“Dance Monkey”) harps back to Tones and I’s days as a busker. “Busker or Busking” meaning person who entertains in a public place. And in that regard, the singer is more or less comparing herself to a ‘dancing monkey’. Or more specifically to the sentimental foundation of this song, she bases this idea on the pressure that modern buskers face from their audiences. The listening public now wants these musicians to perform at a furious pace. 

In interviews, Tones attributed this reality to the current click culture we live in where the attention spans of individuals has diminished from times past.  And the way this manifests in the song is by people constantly urging her to “dance for” them. But part of the reason they behave this way also is because they are impressed with her artistry. 

So basically, “Tones and I” has been able to transform a certain aspect of her previous professional life into a hit tune.

About “Dance Monkey”

Toni Watson, known professionally as ‘Tones and I’, born: May 13, 1993 (age 26 years), Mornington-Peninsula is an Australian indie pop singer-songwriter and musician. Her second single, “Dance Monkey”, released in May 2019 and reached number one in over 30 countries.

This song proved to be a mega success. For instance, it broke the record for most weeks at number one on the Australian Singles Chart by an Australian artist.

“Dance Monkey” also managed to score a number 1 on the UK Singles Chart and in almost 15 other countries.

And outside of these nations, it also charted in additional 13 countries. The music video to the song, which came out on 24 June 2019, was directed by Liam Kelly alongside Nick Kozakis.

“Dance Monkey” was written by Tones and I, and she also co-produced it alongside Konstantin Kersting.

‘Tones and I’ must have been really talented as a busker. And why is this so? Simply because during the first night of her performing, she was given a business card by one Jackson Walkden-Brown, who later proved to be one of her professional manager’s. 

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