Virus Truth by Dr. Limeng Yan

New York City  — Peaceful protest started on October 1st 2020, by Chinese people who gathered over 200 with companion of NYPD watch including Security guards by Global Agency.  They passed by 6th Avenue and marched towards 70s street,  regardless this protect is about Dr. Limeng Yan believes  Chinese Communist Party made and spread the Covid-19. 


Q. Why do we need to uncover the truth of the CCP virus before rolling out vaccines? 

A: The CCP holds a variety of similar viral strains in multiple P3 and P4 labs. Without knowing the origin of the virus, an effective vaccine cannot be developed.  A spread rollout of vaccines for profit of dangerous because the side effects of the vaccine can be more harmful than the virus it tries to prevent.  

Q. How the Communist Chinese government lie about the Covid-19 epidemic at the beginning?

A: More than 40 cases of human-to-human transmission were identified in ‘Wuhan’ at the end of 2019, but no measure was taken until January 20, 2020. During the initial outbreak people were strictly prohibited from taking about the epidemic,  therefore the critical stage to prevent a pandemic was lost.  At the beginning of the epidemic the CCP delayed the population of the real viral genome and submitted a fake version misleading world scientists who were tracing the origin of the virus. 

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